Chanel Med.Large Classic Flap or Le TAL?

  1. I've been saving up and I'm almost ready for a new bag I want dressy/ formal bag this time and in Black but I can't decide which one to get..:confused1::confused1: Pls help.

    Le Tal has gold on it like in any other of my LVs so if chanel, would it be better in Gold again or silver this time? thanks:heart::heart:
  2. You're in the LV forum, so I'm guessing most people would vote for the Le Tal..

    I love the Le Tal!!! Can't wait to get mine in plum!!
  3. I sure wouldn't ask LV fans about a Chanel! LOL! WE are going to vote for anything SUHALI!
  4. I'v always been an LV lover too . All my bags are LV LOL. But
    I hope to hear suggestions,comments also of those who love LV and chanel equally. ;):smile: thanks I would appreciate it.:heart:
  5. I would get the Chanel flap.
  6. I really love LV but in this case I recommend that you get the Chanel because it is more classic than the Suhali line of LV. But I still love LV! :smile:
  7. I'd go for the LV....not a Chanel gal here.
  8. I would go for Chanel if you already have a fair amount of LV.
  9. Definitely go for the Le Tal!!! Suahli is HOT!
  10. I guess the Le Tal, and then the Classic Flap
  11. Letal ofcourse:yes:
  12. heehee chanel *hides* the classic flap is such a staple in any wardrobe imo (:
  13. I love both bags for different reasons! The Le Tal fits a lot more than Med/Lg Classic Flap, so I do find it more practical. But I feel all the gold on Le Tal can sometimes be too blingy, while on the other hand I can take my Chanel flaps everywhere because it's not as OTT.
  14. Chanel! It is very classic and even though subtle everyone knows a chanel!
  15. i don't have le tal.....

    but i have blue Le Fab and dark pink med/large flap w/sh.......

    since my med flap is still new and i use it more often ---- and it is very feminin and sexy, i think!!!!!

    and you can dress up or down with flap too.....i love the double chain ( i wish it was little longer so i can wear messanger though! ) and all the pockets!!!!!

    so my vote is CHANEL!