CHANEL med Black Patent classic with silver HW is available

  1. My SA has one Chanel Medium Black Patent classic flap with silver HW on hold for me. The price is $2150.00. Please PM me if you are interested.

  2. Hi Chloe, I'm very interested...please give me some info. Do you happen to know if the chain is leather woven? Thanks
  3. I can't send PM to you since it is not available for you. I just sent an email to you with contact info. yes, the chain does have leather in it.

    good luck
  4. Sorry, not sure what PM stands for :blush:. my email address is

    Do you happent to know if there's a black patent is the reissues? That's the one with the dark chain, no leather woven.
  5. Just sent you an email.
  6. I am also very interested if Trendy 1 does not take it. My email
  8. NM San Antonio has this bag available as well
  9. Thanks Chloe and xoStepho