Chanel Maxi Red Caviar vs Non-Chanel bag

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  1. I am a huge fan of chanel and been collecting maxi for a long time but recently the quality has been going down and prices keeps on increasing. So I have started looking at others designer bags more like my second favorite Louis Vuitton and they have designs to die for and quality is still good. I been searching and came to a decision to choose between LV Olympe in Monogram Bordeaux or Chanel Maxi in Red Caviar and SHW. Its my birthday coming up so I wanna make a good decision about this.. Help me girls decide.. thanks:smile::smile::smile::smile:


  2. Definitely Chanel. I don't like the design of this LV, and I do not think it will ever be a classic design.
  3. Dont like the LV. Go for Chanel if you "LOVE" it, otherwise check out other brands? Lady Dior is gorgeous IMO
  4. Chanel and Louis Vuitton are my two favorite designers but in this case I would have to choose the maxi. For luxury bags I would choose leather over canvas any day plus I agree that the style doesn't seem classic to me.
  5. I choose the red maxi. It looks way more gorgeous than the LV olympe in Bordeaux. Gives more of a pop of color!
  6. RED MAXI for sure! i have 10C red maxi & adore it!
  7. Red maxi! Its more classic.
  8. Red Maxi!!! It's classic and never be out of style!!!
  9. Definately Chanel red maxi!!! It's gorgeous !!! Will definately turn heads haha
  10. I like LV too, but I would pick the red maxi!!
  11. I think the red maxi will give you tremendous amounts of pleasure over many years to come. I have the 12A red jumbo and must say now that I am using it regularly, I love it even more! Caviar makes it a durable leather but still with all the pop of rich color that lambskin gives!
  12. The red maxi is a NO BRAINER! LV was one of my first loves and I still buy LV products, but 12A red beats most bags hands down!!!
  13. red maxi for me
  14. wow thanks! it seems everyone is voting for the red maxi which i adore. I have been collecting chanel maxi flap I already have black lambskin in GHW, burgundy caviar in GHW and Beige Caviar in GHW. I think the red caviar in SHW is a good addition...thank you girls
  15. Red Caviar Maxi GHW or SHW everlasting model and good investment