Chanel Maxi for men /guys?

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  1. I'm a guy who loves the practicality of a women's bag (LV Neverfull that I carry for school) but lately I've been eyeing Chanel. I'm about 5'11 with slim/toned frame. I haven't seen any guys on here who rep Chanel bags. What're your thoughts on carrying a Maxi Flap? I've even seen the XL but that's huge, even for me. Any other bag recommendations?
  2. Imo Chanel, out of all the designer brands, is probably the most feminine when it comes to handbags. I would personally not be able to pull of a Chanel flap, although I adore Chanel bags, it's just to feminine for me.
    My Speedy 40 and Goyard St Louis are the most feminine bags I own, and further than that I would probably not go. You have to find your comfort zone, it's a waste of money if you don't feel comfortable carrying a specific bag. But, on the other hand, if you feel comfortable carrying that bag, it's an investment. =)

    It really depends on your style and If you feel comfortable carrying a Chanel flap. Good luck deciding! :biggrin:
  3. I have seen a couple of guys carrying the boy bag on pinterest. You may want to check it out. If you really want a Chanel flap and are comfortable carrying it, I would choose the boy bag over the classic flap...good luck :smile:
  4. You might want to look at Dior and see their offerings (both at Dior Homme and at Dior). There are a few bags that I think would look great on a guy (Diorissimo, Granville and others) there.
  5. I think if you like the classic flap, maybe you can look into vintage jumbo or maxi lambskin flap. Since it's vintage, it'll look just as stylist but the quilts are flatten so it looks more boxy like a briefcase, dont know if that makes sense :smile:. But i think it'll look good on guys and less feminine than the puffed quilted ones. Just my honest opinion :smile:
  6. +1

    The boy bag came to my mind, too!

    I think a boy bag in large size would look good on you!!
  7. +1 I also think that some of the vintage styles would look better than the current ones, not just because of the quilts (you can find puffy vintage if you look for it), but because of the shape of the bag and flap.
  8. Im not much help...but I think men carrying a chanel is FABULOUS :smile:
  9. I wouldn't recommend the Maxi Flap for men, but I can definitely see the Boy in large on men, especially the black quilted. It almost resembles a briefcase in a more fashion-forward edgy way.
  10. Did you try a search? We have some fabulous men here that love Chanel if you look :biggrin:

    I personally think of flap isn't right for guys. . . what's your need? How will you carry it?
  11. There's a boy that's XL and it's brief case sized, I think large or XL would be great, I think some of the boxier vintage designs could also work. Good luck hope you find something fabulous and share it with us!!!
  12. I also agree the boy might look great, but what about the vertical stripe (more masculine, I think) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391398373.634027.jpg
  13. The Boy bag in large might be perfect! Sigh...boy bags are awesome. Honestly, I don't know what your style is clothing wise, but I agree that a quilted flap is too feminine. And I agree w/tutushopper, the Dior Granville also rocks for either sex.
  14. Thank you everyone! I'll see what my next bag will be so stay tuned. Definitely thinking that it is too feminine but looking at the vintage Chanel's don't seem too bad because of their boxier shape. I do love the boys, however, they're definitely out of my price range. I was hoping for something around $2500 max.