Chanel Maxi Beige Caviar

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  1. I have been looking around and I am a big fan of chanel maxi but I can't seem to see a beige claire in maxi. Do they make maxi in beige claire?:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
  2. yup i wanna know too
  3. They used to... I know maxi are becoming more scarce. One SA told me they don't sell as well.
  4. A SA told me that beige are not available for Maxi bags as classic but you can wait and see if they will make any for a season. :smile:
  5. No the the Classic Beige Clair was never made in Maxi. There have been some seasonal beiges that have been done in maxi size..
  6. Thanks lally...for a fleeting moment I wanted one of these in maxi size and the NM SA said they were sold out....he must have been mistaken.
  7. Interesting that they never created the classic beige in maxi- I'm quite sure the pearly beige was available in maxi but that's a seasonal one as you pointed out :smile:
    Strangely maxi's have been on my mind too