chanel makeup treat opportunity!

  1. hi everyone!

    i am moving to a city in 2 days where im not cut off from the beauty world!! hurrah!
    i have decided to treat myself to something at the chanel counter, as this will be a new experience, and from what i gather - chanel makeup rocks! (i am a macaddict lol)

    so what would be the best thing for me to treat myself to makeup wise?
  2. My two Chanel favorites are the eyeshadow quads, especially "winter nights" and their lipglosses!! Have fun!! Oh, and ask for a few samples too, they usually have skincare and foundation samples.
  3. Yes all of chanel makeup rocks! I would say get everything, lol. I've tried all their makeup except the lipgloss which I hear is awesome. Have fun! Let us know what you end up with and how you like it.
  4. I'd ask for the new-ish products, Chanel White - Le Blanc de Chanel makeup base (which can be worn under the foundation, mixed with it, or even on top of it) and Pudre Cristalline loose powder. These look a bit over the top at first - I'm pale and thought these would make me look like strange, too pale, but nothing of the sort happened. I look better - it's the special type of glow, nice, natural, hiding any blemishes or imperfections, but not too strong.
  5. I would stock up on some glossimers, and if you like lipstick their rouge double intensite is a long wear lipcolour that lasts a long time and looks great with glosses over them! I'd also get some inimitable mascara, they have the new blue out for spring and it is so adorable, but also black of course :tup:

    I don't put anything on my face except sometimes some bronzing powder, so I am not an expert on the foundations, etc. But their moisturizers are nice :smile:

    And fun nail polishes!

    I agree with Anna about the pudre cristalline, it is lovely.
  6. Glossimers!
  7. Another vote for their Glossimers, and Inimitable mascara... both are great!
  8. sounds like maybe a glossimer then! i am going to dip into my piggy bank that i put $2 coins in (no kidding!!)
  9. Foundation! I love Teint Innocence. Also, their pressed powder and mascara are great. Have yet to try the glossimers.. but everyone seems to love them!
  10. I have heard great things from priiin about Teint Innocence :tup:
  11. ^ Yup the Teint Innocence is incredible!! Anything from Chanel is amazing, so have fun and choose the things you will use the most. That way you can enjoy them more!! Chanel Inimitable mascara and glossimers are must haves though. :yes:
  12. I would start off with some glossimers and some of their rouge allure lipsticks. I also use their foundation and mascara and tinted moisturizers.
  13. If you don't get to stock up on Chanel too often, then you must get the Inimitable mascara and some glossimers! You won't regret it:yes:
  14. :yes::yes::yes:
  15. Have fun shopping & good luck trying to leave the counter w/out wanting to buy everything!!!!