chanel makeup question

  1. hi all

    i really want to try out the teint innocence makeup by chanel, but i am unable to try out the colour physically - i live 4 hours away from the stockist. id like help to gain a good idea of colour - i am NW20 in mac, or natural beige in revlon colourstay, or number 4 and 5 in ysl's radient touch foundation. cheers!!
  2. I used to wear NW20 in Mac studio FIX and I now wear color 2 in teint innocence but im lighter then i used to be, So if its any help whatsoever you would be darker then a 2, hehe
  3. Oh I LOVE Chanel Teint Innocence! It's the best foundation ever. Looking at NW20, it seems our skin tone might be similar. I use Shell 3.0 intensity 1.5. I hope this helps.
  4. Can't help with the shade you need, but Teint Innocence gets a huge rave from me. It's a fabulous foundation, light to medium coverage which you can build up very easily. For some reason it feels cool (as in temperature) when you apply it, and it's not greasy on me at all. And believe me, I have a bit of an oily skin.

    Good luck, and hope you love it as much as I do!!
  5. I wear 4.5 natural, so don't go higher then that lol!
  6. I love it. I am blonde, medium complexion and I wear sunlit Chanel in tinted moisturizer. I wear a 2 in La Mer...a 3 in BB and Chanel Natural Intensity 4 in Double Perfection fluide teint mat eclat.