Chanel Makeup Help Please!!!

May 12, 2006
Sooo...I took the Chanel plunge the other day and this is what I got...
-Base Lumiere
-Mat Lumiere
-The gel concealer (its the one in the tube with wand...I forgot the name)
-Poudre Cristalline

I have VERY VERY oily skin! I use to be on Accutane, and stopped about 2 months ago (my choice...will NEVER use that stuff again!!!) and my oilies have come back. I use to wear EL Double Wear...however, I just felt like they did not have a good color match. I wanted to try the Mat Lumiere because I need a fuller coverage due to acne scares and not having perfect skin. There I was able to get an AMAZING match in the Lumiere! Now here is my problem...I don't really feel very matte at all! I don't want to give up because it makes my skin look so nice!
I am wondering if it could be the base...or maybe I need to try a different Chanel setting powder? I am also wondering if I should keep the powder I have, lose the base, and get the Purete Idele Serum in its place?
Any advise would be GREAT! I know nothing about Chanel makeup/skin care products! :flowers:


drive LV
Jul 9, 2008
ok I too have oily skin and refuse accutane(why did u stop) anyways I use benzaclin under it (get perscript then a primer for oily skin becca makes a good one. I use chantecaille future skin and mufe hd powder but I want to try nars new matte base and i also love (expensive ) ysl semi loose powder. I also blot 2 times a day .

They say we will stay young longer with oily skin I hope so!!
May 12, 2006
I stopped Accutane because my hair was falling out:shocked: I'm still shedding hair...NOT pleased at all! We tried dropping me as low as the dose could go (10mg), and it still did not work. I will NEVER go near that stuff again!

sammy deer

Jun 12, 2009
Missjenny, if you think you don't feel completely matte with the Mat Lumiere powder, it's because it's not. The original was a lot better. I use the Mat Lumiere, too and I get what you mean about it making you look better. It makes you look super soft with good coverage. I just wanted to let you know it's not in your head. If you want a super matte look, you're not going to achieve it with that powder-I know because I use a pretty drying foundation.

I'm thinking about going for a more natural look, so if I find another Chanel powder that's really matte, I'll post about it.