Chanel Makeup Gift with Purchase?!?!?!

  1. Does anyone know when Chanel beaute does a gift with purchase? :confused1:

    I :heart: Chanel makeup and it would be nice to buy some during an event. They normally do samples but I want a purchase with purchase or a gift.

    The other makeup brands seem to have these kinds of specials often, but Chanel doesn't.

    Any ideas as to why?
  2. Not sure, but I did get a free Chanel mascara with the purchase of a lipgloss on yesterday. It was a nice surprise.
  3. There may be one coming up soon, I seem to remember something about it in a NM e-mail or flyer.
    They do gift w/ purchase just like other brands:yes:
    I got one a few months back.
  4. ^oooh! will you post and let us know when it comes up?
  5. ^thanks for the link!
    I love this forum!
  6. I just got a call from the bloomingdales chanel counter and they got in my orange blossom nail polish!!! (YAY! Finally I checked in a billion stores) anyways... With $150 purchase you get a gift I didn't ask what it was, which was dumb but must be something good :yes:
  7. Ooh that color is gorgeous! Congrats at finally getting it! UGH I wish I had a Bloomies or Bergdorf's! I only have Macy's and Dillard's here!

    They hardly ever do any kind of gift with purchase on Chanel. So if anyone finds out about GWP at either of those stores please let me know! :smile:
  8. I just got my nail polish finally! But the gift is a cute little chanel beaute makeup bag (the white shiny kind) with a sample lipgloss in imaginaire and a deluxe perfume sample of chanel number 5. I also got a pink watch with my purchase, its not a chanel one but i got it with my purchase maybe it was a bloomingdales gift?
  9. I will ask my girlfriend, Kim, who manages the Chanel counter at our Macy's and will post her answer.