Chanel makeup and skin care?

  1. Would you recommend Chanel makeup or skin care products?
    Which products? They seem kinda pricey so I'm wondering if they are worth it. :yes:

    Thank you for your help!
  2. The eye-shadow quads have beautiful colors, last forever, and look oh so chic in your purse. :smile:
  3. i hate the lipsticks taste like pattex :sick: but i am highly addicted to their eyeshadows and their age delay skincare line :flowers:
  4. Cool. Thanks for the replies. I'll have to swing by the Chanel counter at the mall after work. :biggrin:
  5. I LOVE the Chanel blushes, eyeshadow quads, mascara and lipgloss. They also do a fab kabuki brush that is great for bronzer. Annoyingly, their foundations are too dark for my fair skin as I would like to use them.
    I use the Chanel brightening facial exfoliator and love it. I also love their eye make up remover-gets rid of ALL eye make up really gently. Thats about all I have tried of their skincare.
    Also, Chanel SA'S have been very friendly in my experience and they are usually very generous with samples, so don't be afraid to ask!
  6. I swear by the Chanel Bronzer and Blush! They are the best...and nailpolish, lipgloss and eyeshadow are also very good!
  7. chanel eyeshadows r the best imo~
  8. Chanel skincare is the best. For my dark circles under my eyes, I tried hylexin and it didn't do anything. Tried the Chanel Précision Eye Tonic and they dramatically reduced.

    Hydramax gel is also fantastic to make my skin soft and pliable.
  9. i :heart: glossimers, especially spark. and their age delay moisturizer with spf is okay. otherwise i haven't been impressed with chanel.
  10. I love their Glossimer lip glosses! Best consistency of any lipgloss I've used. Their lipstick quads are also wonderful, though pricey.

    I've never tried the skincare. Their eyeshadow is nice, but not spectacular and not worth the price in my opinion.
  11. I totally agree with the Chanel eyecare range,ultra correction eye cream-excellant
  12. It's ok...:hrmm: . I have tried their foundation and none of the colors matched my skin tone, so I never actually got to buy it and use it (I'm super fair!). Their lipsticks are NOT creamy like, for example, Dior or Stila, but rather very waxy. And I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND their lip glosses. Yes, the colors are very pretty but it ALWAYS leakes out of the tube. I own four Glossimers and ALL of them leaked out and made a mess!!!! I do love their hydrating moisturizer and blush though. Overall, Chanel wouldn't be my #1 make-up/skincare/fragrance line.
  13. Another vote for glossimers! some colors are gorgeous, the consistency is nice and there's no annoying smell/taste. I never had a problem with leakage (but I only own 1 tube)
  14. i don't like their glossimers tends to dry up on my lips alot. But I do love their hydrating moisterizer, and their precision skincare line. as for special.
  15. i lvoe theier eye pencils. by far my fave. they have very strong staying power. i dont like the eyesahdows though. i feel they never look the same as they do in the quads- however they small bronzer bursh they have is excelllent!!