Chanel make-up

  1. Who here wears chanel make-up?
    Im thinking about using a chanel foundation,pressed powder and concealer for now on...?
    Any bigs fans?
  2. i use thier makeup and even used the foundation, the one i had came in a round compact and when you open it the sponge is underneath and you can buy refills for it! anywya it was GREAT meduimu coverage smooth great colors avialbel and light

    i also use their mostirusers and eyeshadows lipsticks etc.. so i would reall recommend them they have amazing stuff
  3. i already use their lipgloss and lipstick and i think its wonderfull....the lipgloss stays on a really long time and compared it to dior lipgloss....dior doesent stand a chance hahaha :smile:
  4. I use their pressed powder....and their inimitable mascara. I love their color lines (shadows, glosses, blushes) more than their foundations. Not that i dislike their foundations, i just like la prairie better when it comes to foundations and concealers. The one thing I did try that i hated was that eye shadow base thing, comes in a little white tube with a black was the worst, it doesn't blend, it just stays where you put it, and it's sticky!!! I don't recommend you try that one.
  5. Most of my skincare and all of my cosmetics are Chanel. I love their foundation, powder, eyeshadows, and pencils. I don't use their lipgloss though. It's expensive and I use it too quickly! I was using Lamer and liked it but I have oily skin and Chanel works better for me. I'm thinking of trying Laura Mercier also but I really like Chanel's products.
  6. Does Chanel have a lipgloss similar in color to Dior addict ultra-gloss #591? It's kind of a sheer pink-ish color with fluorescent purpley sheen... hah. I love it but it doesn't last at all.
  7. I use their natural finish loose powder, eye liner (it stays on no matter what, and I didn't even get the waterproof one), and lip glosses. All are great products that I would recommend. I used to use their liquid foundation (Vitalumiere) as well, but it wasn't a good fit for my combination skin.
  8. I LOVE chanel beauty!!! I am addicted to the nail polish and pretty much everything!
  9. I LOVE their eyeshadows. They stay on ALL DAY. I'm a loyal Chanel customer now!
  10. love chanel they have such awesome makeup. Their polish is a must have.
  11. I use their tinted moisturizer and have some doulbe perfection fluide as well...
  12. + 1000000 for their makeup. I find their (liquid) foundations beautiful and im becoming pretty impressed with their concealer too. I also have a serum and eye cream from the Rectifiance line and like those very much as well.
  13. ooooooo yay!
    this weekend im soooooooooooooo going to holts to get some new make up from chanel !!
  14. I use Chanel Dual Foundation Compact Oil-Free;
    Loose Translucent Powder; Blush in Fantasia & Rose Bronze (I alternate); Quad shadows in Mysteres & Fascination (depending on my mood). I have yellow skin tone which is super oily and Chanel's foundation (Oil-Free) is the only one that held up my oilies on 100 deg. plus weather. I skip the foundation on cooler months as it dries out my skin and just use the loose powder. I play with other brands but Chanel has been a staple in my makeup drawer.
  15. I also use their glossimers, spice quad eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and serum. But I use a number of brands as well.