Chanel make-up has won me over!!!!

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  1. I've been needing a make-up update as of late.....

    As Im feeling alittle blah....maybe because of my age or just one of those days....I strolled through the mall.....I am struck by yet another frenzy at the Chanel counter...

    Ughhh, I say to myself, as I slowly find a space between the ladies.....

    My recent expeirence with Chanel No.5's dry oil impressed me and I thought I would try a few thing.....darn, Chanel is as truely impressive, not just a name like I had

    I purchased their natural spf 12 foundation and it is just right!!!! Then the glossimers are out of this world.....I totally am in love.....I threw out my blah make-up and am strickly going Chanel crazy, I also am a huge fan of thier fragrances!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone feel me on this one???:woohoo:
  2. I LOVE chanel make up to!!!!!!
    congrats with your purchase!
  3. Yup, as someone that owns 50% of their glossimers, 15 nail lacquers and mascara...I don't use stuff on my face so no makeup there. But I do also love their skincare and fragrances. I definitely feel you on this one ;)
  4. ^^^^^ I love their glossimers!!!! Ive tried my fair share of alot of lip glosses out there and yet I keep coming back to my favorite glaze!!

    I forgot to get some blush and will go back promptly tomorrow morning...ugh, Im obsessed!!!!

    Tell me some of your favorite chanel items!!!!!
  5. Ooh ooh! Convert me pleeease LOL! What's so good about Chanel stuff that sets it apart from the other brands...?
  6. Maybe one day I will go across the aisle to Chanel, but for now, I'm strickly MAC. I would like to try one of them favored glossimers though. What is a nice color for a dark haired, but faired skinned chick?
  7. i LOVE glossimers and hope to own them in every color at some point. if you're going to go for just one, though, i'd try blizzard-i think it's universally flattering. i've been using it for around ten years-i've recommended it to friends and family, and it's looked amazing on everybody :flowers:.
  8. oooo, explain what it looks like please... :tup:
  9. i find that's one of the more pigmented chanel glossimers. the color is hard to describe-it's a pink/mauve/brown i'd say :shrugs:. i actually hate anything even remotely brown on my face, and especially on my lips, but this is beautiful. it has silver shimmer, and my only minor complaint about the gloss would be that the shimmer in it feels a bit gritty. but the color's so beautiful that i don't really care :P.

    i tried to find a photo of it, but can't seem to find one that shows the colors accurately. i think that in the tube it looks pretty similar to the lipgloss i posted in the FOTD thread yesterday (but a little darker because the flash washed it out), although it looks completely different on.
  10. I use the Chanel eyeshadow quads and mascara. Great colors! I used to use their face stuff but I would consistently have blemishes so I switched to mineral make up and have had barely any blemishes :tup:
  11. I LOVE Chanel too!! im always surprised how amazing their products are bc ITA i always just associated Chanel with fashion & bags


    I cannot live w/out their eye cream, I LOVE their eyeshadows!! and I just bought a Chanel eye shadow brush (the #1) and it is my favorite brush ever!!its a seriously amazing brush!
  12. Yep! I'm also a Chanel addict. I use their foundation, love the glossimers, nail polish (blue and black satin are my faves) and the Inimitable mascara is by far the best mascara I've ever used!
  13. Blizzard is delightful and one of my husband's favorites, but if you want something with color, as in for going out...etc...Eclipse is a sheer berry color - don't be scared off, it looks super dark in the tube but when you put it on, it is ever so sheer...and very sparkly. I love it.

    If you like pink tints, Magnifique looks like barbie pink but goes on very natural with gold shimmer in it. Rose sand is a lot more sheer but wears very well.

    If you want something red, you may prefer Spark - a very sheer red, or Force - a deeper tinted red with more pigment and coverage.

    If you want a nude color, Sarong is very nude with a hint of shimmer.

    Some other favorites that people have are Seashell, Pailettes, Sundress, Twinkle, Giggle, Pagoda and I suspect Gazelle will end up on this list as well.
  14. OH YEAH!!:love: I use Chanel pretty much exclusively, I have about 12 of the glossimers, the Jouse Contraste blush in Mocha is my fave blush, their eyeshadow quads are great, I could go on and on. I also keep coming back to their skincare. It all started with I have a job at the counter so I get a discount plus freebies once in a while!! I have the summer collection on hold because I get a 50% off day next week, so excited!!! The only thing I haven't tried yet is the body line, it smells divine but just haven't bought it yet.
  15. i LOVE chanel MU too, I dont wear their foundaton but all of my colors re Chanel, Blush, Shadows, Glossmers, Polish, Everything.. I just love it all!! I just recently broke down and bought Chanel brushes, I got like 6 of them and I LOVE THEM TOO!!! Def try their brushes.