Chanel Make Up Bag - Caviar

  1. Hi All,

    I have just found this site earlier today - my prayers have been answered - I am officially not the only Chanel crazy girl out there!

    I am wondeering if you fellow afficiando's out there can help me. I saw the most magnificant chanel make up bag (im ashamed to admit it was about three years ago). Almost every night I wake in a cold sweat - STILL kicking myself that I didn't buy it when I saw it - I still YEARN for this make up bag.

    Hopefully someone out there knows tha bag I am talking about.

    It was black caviar leather, a cylindrical shape with moulded sides, and a zipper closure at the top. It also had a handle on the top that sat flat on the lid, but could be raised.

    I am in Australia, but I saw the bag when I was in Texas (huge shopping centre near the one tree hotel?) It was in a chanel boutique. From memory I think it was about $800 USD but I could be mistaken.

    Anyone who could help me identify this makeup bag please please please help!


    Love Vipfa
  2. Never seen it, but it sound great!! Sorry I couldn't help~~~
  3. I have seen the make uo bag u are on about, I will try and post a picture, but I don't know how to yet. It also comes in pink. Perhaps if you go to tne websites or and under Chanel accesories (it is in Japanesse- it is easy to figure out as Chanel is written in English), it shuld be there if it has not been sold already
  4. c531_12.jpg

    I Have Found The Make Up Bag I Hope I Have Done It Right? (I saw this picture on
  5. That is gorgeous!!!!!