Chanel Magazine.

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  1. #1 Aug 16, 2011
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2011
    Bonjour Ladies!!
    A couple Month ago I bought a Chanel Flap bag :cool:
    I' am very happy and I Love it :hbeat:

    Today in my mailbox I find a 31 Rue Cambon Chanel Magazine Fall-Winter 2011

    is this a regular phenomenon for someone who has been a customer with Chanel or can Anybody Get One?

    I' am curious to read your responses.
  2. Never received one in my mailbox, but I did receive one in store when I purchased shoes in Venice.
  3. I think that it is a markeing strategy perhaps. I receive all magazines, event notices, and catalogues. There was two years when I did not purchase any Chanel and did not receive it. I inquired with corporate and was vaguely given an answer realting to my purchases, recent purchases, or buying power. I commented that I thought it was somewhat elitest given my purchasing history and was denied by the marketing director and referred to the website. After a few complaints up the coprorate ladder I continue to receive the magazines by the VP of Chanel USA. Althougth they can probably tell that I have not purchased as much for this year I continue to receive them. I was also told that you could ask you SA to put you on the list....BUT, this was years ago and we all know that their policies have changed!!!! lol. I have received them for several years. I do not purchase a lot know but, still enjoy them. HTH GL
  4. I got one in the mail yesterday. My SA put me on her VIP list so I get the scoops, including catalogs.
  5. Sometimes I get them, other times I don't. I have been getting invitations, but not catalogs recently. Then again, I haven't been buying very much lately either! Maybe I'm blacklisted now. LOL!
  6. I have never received them, but have never purchased anything from the boutique
  7. I too got one! it was so nice! It was mailed in a transaparent envelope that makes it look sooo elegant!

    I have several times bought from the boutique but this is the first I recieve it.
  8. Yes, I do, just ask your SA at any Chanel boutique to put your name/address on the mailing list and you'll get one almost every season.
  9. Interesting Responses Ladies, Does anybody Know how long CHANEL has made these fabulous magazines?
  10. Two years for the Cambon 31 magazine and the other seasonal catalogs have existed for a long time.
  11. What exactly is featured in 31 Rue Cambon? Is the magazine a collection of articles that pertain to the history and future of Chanel or is it just pictures of this season's pret-a-porter and accessories?
  12. I get the magazines, events, and other random notices by mail (sale, postcards, etc)

  13. IMHO it features both seasonal items (the BYZANTINE influence of the collection) as well as some historical infomation and editorial comments from Karl. The most recent one includes some sketches of COCO RTW designs over the decades. Oftentimes, Karl takes many photos himself, and includes his sketches of RTW couture. This magazine also places heavy emphasis on its advertising/marketing/discussing the House of Chanel and some of the partnerhsips that they have aqcuired/formed over the years for such things as shoes, lace, embellishments, and CJ etc. It gave the history of the various craftsman for most items produced under the house and their exclusive relationship/loyality throughout Europe (mostly France and Italy) with COCO and Karl over the past 70+ years with photos. I think they are presenting Chanel as an exclusive lifestyle that transcends overtime.

    In Karl tradition, it also dicusses his short film entitled Evanescent Metamorphoses. A concept of ambiguity between masculine and feminine available on the web.

    I enjoy reading them and always feel that I learn a little something new. I most enjoyed the focus on the craftsman or metieres. HTH, IMHO.

    I will humbly disclose that I am not a professional writer/editor but simply gave my impression. lol.
  14. I have yet to open mine, has any opened theirs?
  15. I got the magazine too. It was mailed to me. I have made 2 purchases this year before receiving the mag.