Chanel Madison Shoulder bag

  1. This was a limited edition (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) and sold out everywhere, what are your thoughts on this bag? Anyone know where I can get my hands on this?? :graucho:
  2. maybe u can post pics? Btw, u shld post this thread at the "chanel shoppin" so that u can get the pfers ladies to help you to find this.
  3. Thanks a lot, I will do that right now! :wlae:
  4. I have the jumbo white one with no quilting that can be carried on the shoulder -making the double chain single- you must mean this one cause the quilted version is smaller with really short chains.
    I saw it on some pics from HK mags recently posted by spiralsnowman in the Library if that helps !:smile:
  5. the madison flap isn't an LE but it is limited in quantity. occasionally, it appears on eBay. you can try your luck there! i've seen the black and red ones before!
  6. do you mean the one I have in my avater? It can only be worn on the shoulder with the strap single. I saw a black small version on eBay recently and a medium gold one as well. It is indeed sold out in stores (when I got mine in june there were only 4 left in Europe)... I've never seen a jumbo version of it though.
    Anyone have a pic of that??
  7. Hi Roxana !my white measures 29cmL X 19cmH and it was the large size as I was told at the C/B in Vienna so I named it jumbo when I was asked before about the size from Fers in the States lol!-it's close though cause the jumbo classic is only 1cm longer/higher!
    Those with quilting I've seen at the b were about the size of the med/large and even making the double chain single they were about my waist long(I'm 5.9") while mine is longer with the single chain!I wish the quilted ones were released in larger size too cause I love the design like yours more!:tup:
    You're right they were sold out in Europe I was told that too-I got mine in May and I must make a correction on the price I posted in the Library it was not 1490 Euros but 1590 Euros -I just noticed that on the receipt several days ago when we were filling in our tax papers lol!:graucho:
    Here's a pic of it (For reference the chair is really big!lol:p):
  8. Thanx chanelspell! I've seen pics of that one before, I never realised it was so big! I thought mine was big already, with the 'double' interior :p
    I always wondered, does yours close with a magnetic snap closure?
  9. Gorgeous bag Chanelspell:love:
  10. sorry a little OT but is it normal for the bag (cambon?) at the lower right of this picture to have plastic wrapped around the handles??

    i'm headed to HK in a few weeks and was trying to read the article (to see where the shop was!) when i noticed the plastic. does anyone know about this store? does it sell authentic bags?!

  11. Roxana : yes it does close with the magnetic closure!:yes:I have to stress it a bit when it's pretty stuffed though but it's comparatively easier than my ...reissues lol! :graucho:

    Lady Chinadoll thank you so much!:heart:

    Pluiee:spiralsnowman has posted the pix maybe still has the mag with the address of the shop I hope!;)
  12. <spiralsnowman >edited to write- this emoticon appeared twice lol!
  13. Thanks everyone, I particularly love the black one. I will try my luck on eBay but it's so hard to tell if it is as authentic as they say it is.
  14. Oh the White is so pretty!

    I saw a smallish (don't have dimensions) Dark Gold Madison at NM this weekend. The Gold wasn't "blingy", but the bag just doesn't suit my style.

    I was looking for a med. classic bag and the SA didn't have my color so she dug the Madison out from the back room. I don't know the price, but try Alma at 415/362.3900. It probably got stuck back in the back again so it will probably be there.

  15. I saw it at Saks Chevy Chase a few weeks ago. I would call around and ask the SA to do a search.