Chanel Mademoiselle

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  1. What do you guys think of this line?


    I am loving the tote bag! :love: Not really feeling the smaller ones though.
  2. I kinda find it to be too big...
    If it was 2/3 the size...maybe.
  3. It does look big, but those models are always very tiny (especially in their profile). They always make the bags look bigger.
  4. Actually, I'm not sure if I am fond of how the bag looks. The vertical quilting lines are modern, but I'm not sure if I am in love with them. I need to see one in person to make a decision on what I really think.

    Anyhow, the price tag is ridiculous- I hear that a small black bag from this line is costing $2,195.00!!!
  5. I am not liking it. It looks like Oldsmobile puffy car seats to me, or vinyl booths in a diner. Maybe it would look better in a smaller size. Just doesn't do it for me.
  6. The clutch isn't bad.
  7. It's okay but that price IS ridiculous. I agree.
  8. if anyone finds out how much the clutch is, please share!
  9. Lol. :lol: I know exactly what you mean. We had an big clunky Olds when I was a kid, and the vinyl used to stick to your skin. It looked quite a bit like the material in that pic
  10. I want to say the clutch is about $875'ish & I saw the tote in person, I think its way too big. The mademoiselle line looks beautiful in magazines, but I was disappointed in person. I was digging the camera bag style & ended up leaving with the vintage tote:smile:
  11. :toung:
  12. not for me
  13. The tote is nice, but I think its hard to stop it from getting scratched.
  14. Hmmmm. I'm not lovin it yet. It very BIG....
  15. Noriko, I have seen this IRL and thought about buying it. But there is a plastic label at the bottom of this bag with "CHANEL" on it which totally turns me off. The leather is very delicate and not a good choice for everyday bag. Plus the lining is like nylon,kind of cheapen this bag. But I do LOVE the double chain handles which is very very nice worn over the shoulder.