Chanel Mademoiselle


Sep 13, 2005
What do you guys think of this line?


I am loving the tote bag! :love: Not really feeling the smaller ones though.
Actually, I'm not sure if I am fond of how the bag looks. The vertical quilting lines are modern, but I'm not sure if I am in love with them. I need to see one in person to make a decision on what I really think.

Anyhow, the price tag is ridiculous- I hear that a small black bag from this line is costing $2,195.00!!!
FendiBagLady said:
It looks like Oldsmobile puffy car seats to me, or vinyl booths in a diner.

Lol. :lol: I know exactly what you mean. We had an big clunky Olds when I was a kid, and the vinyl used to stick to your skin. It looked quite a bit like the material in that pic
I want to say the clutch is about $875'ish & I saw the tote in person, I think its way too big. The mademoiselle line looks beautiful in magazines, but I was disappointed in person. I was digging the camera bag style & ended up leaving with the vintage tote:smile:
Noriko, I have seen this IRL and thought about buying it. But there is a plastic label at the bottom of this bag with "CHANEL" on it which totally turns me off. The leather is very delicate and not a good choice for everyday bag. Plus the lining is like nylon,kind of cheapen this bag. But I do LOVE the double chain handles which is very very nice worn over the shoulder.