Chanel Mademoiselle Vintage Chevron WOC for sale - suggestions welcomed

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  1. I have a Chanel Mademoiselle Vintage Chevron WOC flap bag that has never left its box and was bought from Harrods two years ago.

    I have all the paperwork and receipts. Everything! b0d1e5470502dd010bf8925d8259e976.jpg

    Measurement 11.5 length / 3.5 width / 7 height

    I always wanted a Chanel bag but got scared that I could damage it, so just left it in its box. Now I realise it should go to someone who would use it, so I'm keen to sell it. If I could get the same price I paid for it, I'd be happy which is about £2500. What's the best place to sell it? I'm in Central London.

    Could someone point me in the right direction? I'm new to this. Thank you.
  2. There are lots of consignments stores but you won’t get the price you paid for ,Infact you will lose a lot .You can try joining the Facebook groups and sell it yourself .You can message me and I could give the names .I am in uk and member of these groups ,Also I could give you names of consignment stores if you do wish .
  3. Hi! Thanks for your speedy response. That's a shame that it's gone down in value so much. What do you think is safer? I think I'll try a facebook group first as the loss may be less? If you could send me the names of your faves, that would be amazing. Thank you.
  4. Hi!
    There’s tons of threads on this topic, please always search :tender:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.