Chanel Mademoiselle line

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  1. I saw the whole line at the Chanel store today and must admit I do really like the Camera bag (smaller size) and the tote. The leather is a supple lambskin and the tote is quite large, some would argue too large, but I really liked it. There are plenty of pockets but what I didn't like about the entire line, the prices. The Camera looks great on...:biggrin:

    I've read some of your opinions on the line and I wasn't crazy about the Mademoiselle but I am so liking these bags right now. Anyone own one?
  2. I don't own one but I did see them at Saks. I think they are far better looking than the Chanel photos would indicate.
  3. They are timeless - a revival of its 60s line.

  4. I like how the chain feels! I really dont like the lining though, feels cheap.
  5. You are very right about that liner. Even though it's printed with C logo all over you would they would go all out with a nicer grade of material. I wondered if it was partially for weight saving but I'm sure it was also to cut their cost. The chain is hefty, like a piece of jewelry sitting on top.
  6. I don't like the look, I prefer the diamond quilting. This stuff reminds me of leather booths at the diner...
  7. The bags I saw were just lined with grey microfiber, didnt see the ones with the C's all over. I saw the tote size, the clutch and one medium type bag. Which has the C lining?
  8. I saw the whole line, but I recall that the tote had that microfiber with the imprinted logo (same color).
  9. i didn't like this line at all and btw i saw some of them in a magazine but didn't find them in
  10. Hi everyone...
    I was just wondering if anyone knows how long the Chanel Mademoiselle Line is going to be in the boutiques. I really want to get the clutch bag. It is so cool that they reissued the line from the 60's!!! Well anyway if anyone knows let me know!
  11. I like the Chanel Mademoiselle line and would love to get the black clutch. Anyone who knows how much it is?
  12. Speaking of, the website sucks. :mad: It is so difficult to navigate and find the handbags collection. When I do find it, I am disappointed that its only showing a few selected pieces. I wish the website would showcase all the bag collections, as well as give me the option to purchase them on their website.
  13. LOL:lol:
  14. I'd like to see MSRPs.
  15. Don't quote me on it but I believe the smaller Mademoiselle tote was $1695.