Chanel Mademoiselle Camera Bag pics....

  1. I have the black new mademoiselle medium camera bag in black. I am thinking of returning it and getting the old style medium mademoiselle in lt green/celadon. Does anyone have pictures of this bag IRL, maybe on the shoulder?? Please respond if so, because time is running out for my return.
    Thanks.:yes: :confused1:
  2. sorry couldnt help with the mm pic, but would you mind posting your camera bag pic? I'm thinking of getting this one but no sure on how big it really is. what's the material? lambskin? Do you know if it comes in other color, like say.. RED? I just love love the chain handlers.. very funky.
  3. Here are all the threads with discussion about the MM line. All the info you're looking for should be in one of these threads, including a photo. Check it out:
  4. Here are some pics of the mademoiselle medium camera. This is my 1st piture post, not sure if it will work...
    mademoiselle.jpg mademoiselle2.jpg mademoiselle3.jpg
  5. This is a beautiful bag and it looks gorgeous on you. Are you still going to exchange it? I think the black is really easy to use , you would need to be very careful with the lighter color, and i have seen the celedon bag in stores already dirty.
    The bag looks very modern yet refined.
  6. Thanks for telling me that the celadon bags in the store are dirty, that definately puts a new spin on things... I think I'll just keep the black.
  7. This bag looks great on you.:love: I had this one for a few days, but returned it because I have enough "dressy" Chanel bags with my reissues.
  8. Yeah, your reissues are great, especially the bronze! I also love the white ds tote. Anyway, thanks for your input. I definately decided to keep it.
  9. That bag looks hot! :nuts: i saw it online and I saw the smaller version in person, but that is the perfect size! :love: May I ask how much is it and do you think that leather is durable? you sure look great! Also, where did you buy it?
  10. WOW that bag looks fab on you. I think it suits you perfectly and black is just, well, classy!
  11. I plan on using it as a daily bag, I think it will be ok and a little distressing is cute anyway. It cost me $1850. According to, they only have it at select stores. I found this is one by calling Bloomingdales in NYC, let me know if you want my SA's name, he was really nice. They also may have it at Saks, you can call their 1-800 # for info.
  12. Gosh, yes I would love your SA's name....I'm calling tomorrow. I really love it. I was thinking about a large caviar flap bag, but I prefer a zip bag. The one you have is really perfect. Thank you so much for posting it!!
  13. His name was Nel, a slight accent, Bloomingdales NYC. He even measured it while I was on the phone and it was beautifully wrapped when it arrived.
  14. Here is a pic from the window of the Chanel Boutique in Saks . I think the whtish celadon is beautiful !
  15. Is that a recent pics?? Which Saks is it??