Chanel Mademoiselle Bag - Small What do you think?


Do you like this bag?

  1. I like the style and I think it is functional/ practical.

  2. Don't like the style and I don't think it is practical.

  3. I like the style but I don't think it is practical.

  4. I don't like the style, sure it's practical. But, who cares, it's ugly..

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  1. This bag is made of lambskin. Is that to delicate? Do you like the style, functionality? Chanel Madamoiselle Bag 2.jpg

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    Chanel Madamoiselle Bag.jpg
  3. it's cute... but the bag doesn't seem to close very well. IMO the flap kinda pops out even when clasped.
  4. in this line, i like the tote the best.
  5. I have the taupe clutch from this line and it is beeeyootiful!~
  6. i like the style, it is like the classic flap -however in this linge i prefer the camera bag for a shoulder bag.
  7. I don't like bags that are distinctive...This one has nothing that sets it apart....but that's just me.
  8. I like it, and think its classy looking.
  9. I prefer the camera bag to the flap and the tote is nice also.
  10. I think it is beautiful and timeless. I personally need a little more space, so I have the black medium mademoiselle camera bag. I could photo it if you need ref. pics for size.
  11. i agree i think the camera bag looks better in this style.
  12. I was going to get the MM flap but I changed my mind and got the clutch. Even though I love this collection, I think the flap bag looks slightly too boxy. The vertical quilting looks better in the other styles. It's a pretty roomy bag, though.
  13. I love the Mlle tote more!
  14. But doesn't this leather scratch easily? What do we have to say about scratching? That is the major reason I am having a dillemma. I want a bag from Chanel that can go from day to night, that does not damage to easily, and that I do not have to hold in my hand, because I like to hold my boyfriend instead, and I have a tendency to drop things and forget about them.
  15. I've had my MM tote since February and I haven't scratched it yet. If you're concerned about the leather being delicate, then maybe you should look into a caviar or other less delicate leather? Those don't have the supple feel of lambskin, but it's more durable.