Chanel madamosoile line?

Hi, forgive mt bad spelling about "madamosoile". Has anyone ever owned a madamosoile bag from Chanel? I heard the leather is lambskin but I am so heart that big tote. Any tips on whether it is hard to maintain?

Savannah- Love your clutch! I saw the baby blue/or green, I forget which, at the Saks Chanel and had to ask how much b/c I thought it was a very nice clutch/evening bag. :love:
Savannah912 It's beautiful. Use it ;) I've a small Mademoiselle. Don't know the name, it's not the clutch. I use my madmoiselle like I use all my other bags. With care :smile: It's been in a little rain and still look fine.
Hey everyone I'm only new here.
I've got the mademoiselle tote in the light green and I can't use it all the time because of the colour. It does mark easily but as long as you're careful with it it's ok. I just wouldn't use it as an everyday bag. The tote is great, it fits everything!