Chanel m/l or clutch with chain

  1. Im in a dilemma Iv always wanted a Chanel. The past few months iv been looking at vintage pieces but nothing I have fallen in with. So I'm going to buy new. Which one do you think I should go for. Iv. Never spent so much on a bag so the clutch with chain seems like a good transition as its £1550 whilst the classic flap is £2600 or something. Il either get it in black or beige.
    Help please!!!
  2. If you can afford it, I'd recommend going for the m/l flap. Especially with all the insane price increases.
    As for colour, I prefer black cause with the beige, there is concerns on colour transfers and stains. Good luck with your decision. :smile:
  3. If you never own a classic flap, then you should buy classic m/l. Clutch with chain doesn't hold a lot of stuff and the chain is so thin. When you stuff lots of stuff and use the chain, the shape of the bag has lifted. I usually hold my clutch on hands and avoid to use chain. Classic m/l has more use which can be carry as one chain or double. ;) good luck.
  4. ~if it is your first Chanel :loveeyes: & u have enough funds i'd say go for d m'l coz as Canneiv said it has more uses as it can be crossbody also with d double chain. black ml is a good start in ur collection ;) goodluck with ur decision!:tender:
  5. If you have the extra funds, definitely m/l, more functional and classic
  6. I'll be the one to disagree. I like my clutch with a chain way better than a m/l flap. It fits more and I love the bigger shape. It's not an everyday bag, but I wouldn't use my Chanels as everyday bags anyway. My clutch is 6 months old and looks brand new, no problems with pulling at the chain. Go for what you love and what you feel comfortable spending and you'll be happy with either I'm sure! :smile:
  7. M/l.
  8. I'd go for the m/l! I think you will enjoy it many more years than the clutch.
  9. image-3388154144.jpg

    Chanel clutch, so cute. However, I vote for a m/l.
  10. If you already have a classic flap, then I would go for the clutch....but if you don't then I will opt for the classic flap....
  11. I have the same situation as you - Clutch vs Classic Flap.

    Everyone told me a classic flap; however, it really depends on how you feel. You want to have a "CHANEL" bag or you want to keep the value (in the other words, will you think of re-selling it in the future?).

    For me, I just want to have a chanel bag. So I went to the store and tried both on last week. End up, I feel the clutch fits me better because the width of the cluth is a bit bigger than the M/L (BTW, I am not petit). After I got it last week, I started wearing it everyday. Everyone thought this is very classy too.
  12. M/l if you don't have classic flap yet.
  13. M/L. The clutch with chain is more like a flat envelope bag, there is depth to it so you have to be careful what you put in otherwise the shape will be off and bulge out. The strap is short so it hangs under the armpit, if you don't mind the armpit bag look. I think if you want only one bag, a M/L would be my vote among the two. It is more versatile.

    Good luck and congrats on getting a bag!
  14. If it's your first, I vote for m/l. It's a classic, timeless, functional & can bring you from day to night. Good luck deciding!
  15. M/L gets my vote. I hv a reissue myself n my next bk is an M/L for sure.