Chanel m/l in black silver hardware or red boy caviar

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  1. Yes i saw it in bond street but try to go to the store early when they open
  2. Black, beige and red are all classics, albeit red is flashier. Sounds like you have a nice collection and one of these days you'll find a red bag to add to it all. I want a beige bag, too.
  3. Here is my new beige claire jumbo Image1469041698.492692.jpg Image1469041734.353040.jpg
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  4. Also i got new sneakers [emoji4] Image1469041799.948916.jpg
  5. Red boy please
  6. Congrats!
  7. After i got my beige jumbo i do like it and dont want to return or sell it i want to keep it but i am still thinking about the m/l black caviar is it right to get it ? I have jumbo black gold hardware boy old medium rethium hardware and woc gold hardware what do you think m/l or rectangular mini
  8. Please tell me your thoughts