Chanel m/l in black silver hardware or red boy caviar

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  1. Hi I will be traveling to London and Paris next week and I am confused wether to buy m/l in black caviar silver hardware or red caviar boy I have jumbo black caviar gold hardware , black boy old medium lamb skin and woc black gold hardware , I really like black color so what do u think?
  2. I think a red boy would definitely add color and versatility to your collection.
  3. I can tell you are a 'black bag' kind of person! Me, too. I am biased so my vote goes for the m/l black caviar with silver hardware as it will always remain a classic. Unless, it is a red shade you love, I would suggest sticking with black as it goes with everything.
  4. +1
  5. Black shw :smile:
  6. Red boy!!!
  7. 250% Black M/L.
  8. I'd go with red since you already have black in three other purses. Red just gives a pop to any outfit
  9. Do you have a picture of the red caviar?? Is it a nice red?
  10. Red caviar boy.
  11. I vote for red caviar boy. The only thing is that I've read on here that the current caviar is quite matte. You have to decide if you'd be OK with that. Good luck with your decision.
  12. Hi i didn't get black or red i got chanel jumbo beige caviar gold hardware
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  13. Thanks for the update! Please post pics... Im sitting on that decision now.... beige jumbo or red boy... can u tell me if u saw all 3 and decided with the beige. what made u decide on the beige??
  14. The beige is quite stunning and unique and i only found it in paris i searched whole London didn't find it also its so elegant i like the boy only in black color and as i have the black jumbo i wanted to change color so beige was quite nice as i felt if i got the medium classic in black too i wouldn't feel much difference i hope this would help you i would post pictures once i go home
  15. Hi Bobee25, did you see any m/l classic flaps in black caviar silver hardware in london? Will be going next week, not sure how their stock is like. Thanks in advance! :smile: