Chanel Luxury Line Flap Bag

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  1. can someone please tell me the price of this bag and the colors it comes in? thank you!
  2. Didn't look at the price, but saw it in Black/silver today!
  3. 2225. Colors: Flat black, Flat red, Ivory, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver and Metaillic Black. Different Department stores (eg. Saks, N.M., Bergdorf) ordered different colors and styles so you have to call around).
  4. metallic black sounds amazing:smile:
  5. Savannah913 has photos of her metallic flap bag posted--it's BEAUTIFUL!
  6. I saw it in the red, the leather is scrumptious! The price not. *cries*
  7. why does it have to be sooo expensive- such a beautiful bag!
  8. Link please? I couldn't find it.:shame: I would love to see pics again. Does she have modeling pics? TIA:biggrin:
  9. I played with her yesterday. I was too scared to ask the price, it was absolutely fabulous! Here in The Hague, Holland they had it in metallic black, silver and gold. Absolutely beautiful!
  10. i like the metallic black and silver one....:love: the metallic black one cost 1750 euros :smile: at Ams boutique
  11. Thanks for the link wickedassin:biggrin: It's beautiful in grey.
  12. ^^^ You're welcome!
  13. I saw this beauty in red. I fell in love with it :love: It will be my next bag or the bowler bag.
  14. I love the chain.. This bag is funky AND classy.
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