Chanel luxury line, Chloe python silverado, bbag lilac city

  1. Hi Ladies!!!
    Thanks for your comments on my lilac bbag thread..:love:
    I've seen one in person today and the color is amazing! I loved it!
    But I've narrowed down to three bags for my next possible purchase..
    And you are going to help me decide :biggrin:
    I think Chloe python silverado is TDF, I've always wanted one. I do not own any exotic leathers so I think it'll be unique in that way..
    And chanel luxury line, I saw it at the boutique today and it's also beautiful.. One of the member posted a pic of the one I saw, and I love this one, too..
    And the lilac city.. I love the color and it's less expensive (compare to the other two) so that's a good thing..;) but I already have a couple of bbags.. (but then again, bbags, I want every style in every color)
    What do you guys think??? I don't own any chanel bags (I gave mine to my sister because I don't carry it so much), so it will be my first.. But is it worth $2,000???:weird: Hm... I can't decide!:sad2:
    I would appreciate any comments!!!