Chanel Luxury Line Bowling in Salmon color, Does anyone have?

  1. Hey!! Im wonderin if salmon color is nice for a Luxury Bowling bag.. My SA just called up and told me that its still avail in NY.. Is it a nice color?? :s Thanks!!
  2. I have this bowler and love it. I'm surprised there are any left. They did go on sale sometime last year. Retail was $2160, but they went on sale for around $1500. Anyway, here are pics of my salmon bowler.

  3. Oh my, I love this bowler! If your SA does not sell it to you, would you mind letting me know where it is? I understand if you don't thought.. thanks. :heart:
  4. Hey Thanks for the pix... I really apreciate it...My SA is from Las Vegas Wynn.. Shes really nice.. You can reach her tonight, if you wanna talk to her..Her name is Tem... Thanks again gators for your pix.. :smile:;)
  5. i love that bag, i have it in black. but how do u keep the shape of it like that? when i'm not using it i put it in the dust bag but when i take it out its all flattened, kinda breaks my heart to see it like that.
  6. Hey MissJeni..with my blk patent,whenever she's resting,i put something on the inside so that it would still stand up in good shape..It's funny though but what i do,i put some unused clothes inside..hehehe :smile:
  7. Yeah, i was planning on stuffing it with tissue paper but i always forget and throw out my tissue papers from my shopping bags. Unused clothes is a great idea! thanks! haha
  8. Claui, thanks for the info! Is it the regular price or on sale? Are you going to get it? If you are, I will lay off since it is your SA. :heart:
  9. hey joie!!! sorry for the late reply..we just got from vegas.. newayz,the bag wasnt on sale.. its still available though... if you like i can give you my SA frendz # so you can call her.. :smile:
  10. I really would love to have a blk luxury line bowling bag (meduim size)... either in deerskin or patent... i missed the last available one in NY last holiday season.. If anybody knows where and what store i can find one, kindly buzz me... thanks so much!!! I would appreciate!!!:winkiss::winkiss:
  11. ^ moi aussi! been dying to find one, esp in black calf / patent!
  12. hey ladydeluxe!!! lets cross our fingers... maybe we can get that one soon!!! thanks!!! :wlae:
  13. if anyone is interested, my SA from chanel boutique in SF has one black patent bowler. Her name is Jennifer (phone #4152544452) and tell her Elly refer you:smile:
  14. wow, i'm surprised this bag is still ard last yr, i thought it's a 2006 season luxe line. I love the luxe bowler bag but still hunting for the metallic black....Congrats, u are so lucky to get her at a sale, that's a great deal!!

  15. Hey mylilsnowy!!!

    thanks for your time sis.. i was able to get one just yesterday.. our co member here had helped me.. i got mine from Nordstrom Oregon.. good thing coz i have my Nordstrom card too and the SA told me that i gained points for that..;) I just wanna thank her (miss T.C.) coz she really exert an effort to help me find the purse.. she's so thoughtful and kind.. thanks again sis!!:heart: