Chanel Luxury Line and Gauchos in stock at NM!!

  1. Hi all,

    I just got back from shopping at NM and Nordy's in San Diego. They have the metallic luxury line in stock. The flap ($2295) and the bowling/doctor ($2195) is there. It's beautiful. :love: :love: On the site the silver looked darker though. It's lined with calfskin leather and is very soft and eyecatching! They have the silver, gold, this bone color, and red. There's also a tote - I don't know the price of that. I ended up with another bag though...

    In case you're interested - here's the number: (619) 692-9100. Ask for Jason - he's the coolest and nicest out there!

    They also have the double saddle gaucho in white, a red single and the new vintage line of Diors available. They were opening the boxes today!
  2. What bag did you get? :biggrin:
  3. o man i so want to go! maybe after finals, i will bus there...:biggrin: haha. but yeah what bag did you end up getting?
  4. I got the Chanel caviar tote (large) with the gold chain handles. Someone on here has it (but I can't remember). It was just a more practical tote/everyday bag for me.

    I also got a BV perforated Dr. bag that I've also been wanting for FOREVER!

    So.... I'm absolutely DONE until the fall!!! (Please say a prayer for me that I can keep to this!:lol: :lol: )
  5. Ooh! I assume this is fashion valley? I may have to run down there and take a look! :love:
  6. Yes - Fashion Valley! Go look! :o)