Chanel Luxury Ligne Silver Flap

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to debate if I should splurge on a Luxury Ligne Silve Flap and was wondering if its correct that this bag came in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, and Large). Does anyone know if this is true??? I always thought it came in one size only.

    If so, has anyone bought the small size and have a pic of them wearing the bag? I love to see it. Please post a pic. Also does anyone know how much the small version cost? How much does it fit?

    Or if no one owns it.... have anyone seen it in real life and can give me an idea about the size?

  2. As far as I know Luxe Flaps came in 2 sizes and the small is really small. I have the other size. I saw a small bronze in Beverly Hills but didn't look at the price. I just remember thinking "what a cute tiny purse!"
    The Luxe Bowlers did /do come in 3 sizes however.

    These Flaps are very difficult to find usually, have you located one?
    The price will indicate the size. I think mine was about $2600 incuding tax.

    Also, look at the Luxe thread in the Reference Library for photos of mine.
  3. Swanky....

    I absolutely love yours.... I've been drooling over your's for awhile now. I absolutely LOVE the size of your's. The thing is, I was able to locate a Luxury Ligne flap in silver at the Chanel boutique the price is $2565 CAN before tax but I not sure what size it is.

    I was on the phone with the SA for awhile and asked tons of questions about other bags but forgot to ask teh size for the flap.

    Do you think its the small one? I dont want to go all the way down there and have my heart set on it and realize it was a wasted trip.
  4. oh, that comes to $2263 USD, that's about what mine was pretax, I bet it's teh same size as mine!
  5. SPLURGE!!

    The Luxury Ligne Silve Flap ~~ is TDF!
  6. i saw the small flap today it is very very small! it is roughly the same size, if not smaller than a large classic flap. it is very cute though and i iamgine it would be more of an evening bag than an everyday bag.

    if i knew i wasn't going to be kicked out of the store, i would go in there and take a pic of me wearing it:P
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