Chanel Luxury Flap help...

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here and this is my first post…looking forward to chatting with you guys!!

    I just purchased the Luxury Flap in metallic goatskin and it's really pretty and I love it...but...I noticed that a little bit of metallic leather on the strap is beginning to peel off at the stitching. This particular goatskin leather is metallic smooth leather on one side and suede leather on the other side. So when the leather is peeled, you can see the suede leather. I've attached a pdf of the strap and circle the area where you can see the peeling and the suede against the metallic leather. I don't see this anywhere else on the bag and I wonder if this is going to get worse with wear.

    Any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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  2. Return it, and change it for another bag. I noticed some peeling on my lambskin cambon bowler and now I'm scared to use it. But it's too late for me to return it as I've had it for ages but not just used it much. Return the bag if you have the chance.
  3. The Cambon bowler is calfskin. I'm surprised to hear it peeled. I'm sure Chanel would stand behind it especially since it hasn't been used often.

    As for the black metallic flap, I would return it for another if the s/a can find one for you. I have the same bag and haven't noticed any peeling. It is possible you may have been sold a returned bag that another customer used, or it could be a mfg. defect. I wouldn't keep it - $2225 is a lot of money for a defective bag!
  4. My guess, is if you keep using the bag, it will get worse. It will probably happen in other areas as well with time.

    Like others have said, I would definitely get it exchanged and if that is not possible returned. Many metallic bags from the luxury ligne have had this issue, although I think Chanel fixed in the later seasons.
  5. oh, and Welcome to tPF! :flowers:
  6. If you paid full price pls return it...that stuff will prob unravel especially coz itso n the chain and the chain gets alot of friction....i tihnk it may still be possible to locate another one so call around :biggrin: Good luck!
  7. Thanks everyone for all your advice. I just got off the phone with my SA and she said that I should return the bag and she’s going to look for another one for me. I feel so much better after making the call. I did pay full price for it and I just want it to be perfect for that amount of money. Now I just hope that she can find another one for me…