Chanel Luxury Bowler vs. MJ Elise

  1. Ok, I'm curious for some input.... I have yet to see the Chanel Luxury line in person--but the bowler is really growing on me. I'd like to get it in the metallic black but in the medium size--not the giant one that's on the website... But the MJ Elise in chalk patent is also beautiful... Opinions? Ideas?
  2. I personally think the MJ patent looks like plastic...ok ...dont hit me people...I know there are alot of fans for these bags..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I have a lux Chanel bag and LOVE IT!The Chanel was the best money I have spent thus far!...Plus get it at Saks during a GC event and get a 300.00 dollar GC!!!
  3. I agree with Jill. The quality of a Chanel bag is amazing.
  4. I'd pick a Chanel over MJ any day. I do like MJ. I have a Blake that I love, but if I had the choice between a Chanel or any MJ bag I'd go with Chanel.
  5. I love the shape and chain detailing on the Chanel luxury line bowler, but I'm not a fan of the giant logo emblazoned on the front. I prefer logos to be more subdued. Still, everything else about these bags is pretty spectacular--especially the metallic black color.

    I also love MJs chalk Elise (bought one myself) and for the price, I feel like it's an incredible bag that I will be able to carry for many years.

    I don't think you will go wrong with either of these choices--it really depends on whether you want to spend a bit (okay, a lot) more on the Chanel!
  6. Of course Chanel, but it's double the price of the MJ. So that's something to think about too...
  7. ooooh..I just got a Neimans catogue in the mail and the MJ bag comes in regular quilted leather...not patent...its BBBBEEEEEEEEEAUUUUUUtiful!!!!!!!! Just another option to consider!!!!
  8. I know what you mean about that logo... I was hoping that it won't be so "obvious" in metallic black... But the bags do look beautiful in the color!

    The Elise is great--I do think I'd carry it for years too. I need to consider the price and which bag will get more use :P Btw, have you used your Chalk Elise yet?
  9. I love them both. The Chanel bowler is quite expensive so I'd get the Elise.
  10. Definitely the Chanel, not really an MJ fan (well, of his own lines).
  11. I have not used it yet, but I am 99% sure I am keeping it (can't be 100% sure till I load it up and take it out). At least I have finally ruled out the midnight. Now I'm just waiting for spring weather to arrive so I can show it off!
  12. I vote for Chanel, if price isn't an issue!
  13. i love the patent mj elise, i think it's so ladylike, but with an edge because of the patent and the distressing and i really like the contrast. i think i like the black better than the chalk, though, if it was chalk vs. chanel, then i might go chanel. do they make the elise in that beautiful blue color MJ has this season? i haven't seen it.
  14. I vote for Chanel!
  15. Despite all the Chanel votes, I'm leaning towards the Elise. I looked at the regular leather luxury line bags tonight at my local NM. Although they were attractive, they just weren't doing it for me. Keep the input coming though!