Chanel Luxury Bowler Pearl Blue???

  1. Hi, can anyone tell me whether chanel has a pearl blue chanel bowler? i was passing by a chanel boutique in hongkong a long time ago, i'm not sure that it was pearl blue or silver, if there is a pearl blue one, i want to try my luck looking for it on please..thanks:okay:
  2. Are you sure it was a bowler from the Luxury line? Was it metallic?
  3. There was a blue patent, like a dark royal. Perhaps that's what you saw?
  4. :crybaby:yep, im sure it was bowler, as far as i know chanel does have the pink metallic one right (or am i wrong again ;)P, it was metallic, but not silver, it was kinda blue-ish, like metallic light blue..
  5. I don't recall any pink metallic from Chanel.:nogood:
  6. no pearl blue or pink to my knowledge.
  7. I don't recall any pearl colors either but I do remember seeing one on eBay from a reputable seller and someone posted about it on the "Authentic finds" thread... I wonder if it really was authentic and if so, whether it was an exclusive to a certain country...?