Chanel Luxury Bowler or Reissue 2.55?

  1. I have both on hold and need your opinion!

    Should I get:

    Chanel Luxury Medium Bowler in Metallic Black


    Grey Reissue 2.55

    TIA :heart:
  2. Bowler!! I love mine!
  3. my vote goes for the reissue
  4. Hi Roey! Does it look weird when you wear it on your shoulder? When I tried it on, the bottom was a bit annoying.

    AND would it be too much to own both??
  5. Well, as a friend of mine so aptly put it: "It feels like a loaf of bread" (under the arm). If you plan to use it strictly as a shoulder bag I'd say don't buy it. I like the shoulder option for short, hands-free moments but otherwise prefer to carry my bags on the forearm or by hand. When I do need to get the Bowler on my shoulder it is not going to be comfortable unless I tuck it behind me.
  6. ^I agree.
    It's not too much to own both if you can afford it.
    The Reissue is much more comfy for me because I HAVE to wear my bag on my shoulder and it HAS to fit w/ a jacket on too.
    That said, I prefer the shape of the Bowler, it's more practical for my needs personally.
    But, because of my having to wear it on the shoulder, I'd have to choose the Reissue.
  7. I think both are nice.
  8. I would choose the reissue over the bowler, but if you can get both, I say both!:P
  9. Chanel Luxury Medium Bowler in Metallic Black
  10. that's a very hard choice! i would choose the reissue however as it is alot more classic.
  11. I love the reissue most, of the two.
  12. I own the "new" 2006 Reissue in black with silver hardware and the medium metallic black bowler. I originally bought the Reissue in grey but ended up returning it. So here's my two cents for what it's worth:

    As much as everyone has RAVED about the grey Reissue, it didn't really do anything for me. I appreciated the color but I didn't fall in love with it. I think it was just a color that didn't work too well with my wardrobe. So consider the colors in your wardrobe. The black was a better choice for me and I decided that a black "Reissue" would be a "classic."

    I think the black bowler is a potential long-term classic. I like that it's modern, classy, yet funky at the same time... The only downside about the bowler is that it's a little harder to carry on the arm. But I still love the bag!

    I'm in my early 30's and I'll use the bowler for years. But if I was older, i.e. 40's/50's, I think the Reissue might get more use. But that's just how I see myself using the bags. Hope that helps!
  13. Bowler
  14. wickedassin - oh thanks so much for your advice! i was having such a hard time with deciding and was going back and forth on it. but last night, i decided to go ahead and purchase the medium bowler in metallic black. like you, i do like the shape and i think it has a young funky edge to it. and my SA said that the metallic black is the best one out of all the leathers, even compared to the new deerskin. besides the new deerskin starts at $2670!

    so today i need to decide whether or not i want to order the reissue. my SA said the same thing as you - that the black one will be more classic and will look better with my wardrobe. but he said that there's about 15 in the company so i could take my time to decide. :smile:
  15. ^^So glad my advice was helpful. Congrats on the decision! I'm sure you'll love the bowler. I have yet to use my Reissue--I tucked it away for fall. But there are times when I wish I had held off on buying the bag... Since there are 15 of them, you could hold off for a little while and enjoy the Bowler. But it's up to you.

    Since you're in NYC, by any chance is your SA Brendan at the 57th Avenue store? He helped me when I pre-ordered my black Reissue. He was really nice!