Chanel Luxury Bowler in black...

  1. Girls is there anywhere that I could still find one of the luxury metallic black bowlers? I am really wanting one and am new to Chanel but I've seen so many pics of this bag and it's heavenly :yahoo: I see many of the flap style but not many of the bowler :crybaby:

    I would so appreciate any help, tips, whatever? Thanks!!!
  2. Try Hirshleifer's in Manhasset, NY - I "think" I saw one when I was there this morning - Diane is always very helpful - GL!!
  3. i've also been wanting this bag for a long time, and i can't seem to find one!! :crybaby::hysteric:
  4. I think Edna, one of the forum members just bought one recently. She mentioned that the store had more than one. Here's the info she gave:

    It's the Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA. Here's the number: [SIZE=-1](610) 667-9166. [/SIZE]

    Good luck!
  5. I would definitely call around a little bit. I'm sure you can find one somewhere.
  6. Seems like Saks has it. I just bought one there. It is sold out in Chanel boutiques , but department store might have it.