chanel luxury bag:is there in the new season?

  1. hello!I would ask you if the luxury line is still available in boutique? and in which colours?the bowling bag is also in dark denim?have you some photos?
  2. I've seen the white patent flap and the scrumptious black patent tote:drool:
  3. :shrugs: Any dark silver bowlers? Non patent??
  4. is there in boutique the bowling in dark denim as this in this link?
  5. I don't know. . . that was the Luxe Tote in denim from at least a year ago.

    I had to remove the link as we don't permit links to or photos of counterfeits though.

    It's still early and people are just getting to work, someone will probably know soon.
  6. sorry!!!!I didn't know!the link was only to show photo of which I reported!sorry!!I will not repeat it!
  7. it's okay:flowers: You're new, the more you're here the more it'll all make sense:yes: