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  1. Hi Chanel lovers:

    I have been lurking here for awhile. Fell in love with Swanky's Chanel bag. Haven't taken the plunge yet but I was thinking of purchasing a Chanel Luxe Tote in black.

    I have never seen the bag IRL but have studied lots of pictures of it.

    Does anyone have this bag and can they tell me what their thoughts are on this bag? Thanks.
  2. Coachwife6 - Do you have pics of the bag? I am curious as to what it looks like.
  3. does anybody know if all the same bags have the same serial numbers or if they are different??? as in every single bag having a different number

    helpppp:hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  4. Jill has/had it in bronze I think{?}

    No, every single bag does not have it's own style #. There's a style number, usually starts w/ an A. . . .

    each bag has it's own authenticity #, that's totally different.
  5. This isn't the bag I'm thinking of buying but it's one I found off of Beg, Borrow or Steal whatever that site is called.
    Chanel luxe.jpg
  6. Here's Jill's for reference:
  7. ^is that it?
  8. Yes, that is the type of bag I have been admirining. Thanks SWOf3
  9. Is this one readily available? How does the size compare to the GST?

    I love the leather on this one!
  10. ^ I got mine at Saks in PA..Its a decnt size..the leather is mushy..but VERY durable.
  11. The GST is a little smaller and has compartments. This is bigger and more like a true tote IMO.
    Not really comparable, Jill's right though, this leather is very soft and mushy and teh GST is very structured.
  12. Now that I think about it, I remember trying it on a few months ago and deciding not to get it. I remember the leather being perhaps calf and bumpy? I didn't like it as much as the ones pictured here.

    This forum is bad for me. Now I'm sorry I didn't hunt down this bag in the leather I wanted.
  13. shouldn't have been 'bumpy' really, there's a texture, but not bumpy like teh caviar.
    But all of them will be different, some may have more texture than others.
  14. I tried on that bag awhile back.... I love the versatility about the bag - good for dress up or dress down IMO. only reason I passed it up was because I found one of my dream bags.
  15. Your probably thinking of this tote that comes in a diff kind of leather.There is also a LUX tote like this but flatter and it has PEBBLY leather..I didnt care for it either!
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