Chanel Luxe Ligne Metallic Black Bowler

  1. I know this might have sold out.:crybaby:
    But does anyone know if metallic black luxe bowler is still available anywhere???
  2. I posted about this too as I'm hunting it down also. I don't think they are around anymore - most likely eBay or the MP here is the only place you might track one down.
  3. i was just in the chanel store in kl yesterday and they have it in the black patent leather. i know, its an old stock as my mom actually picked it up for me from london months ago, but they do have that one in stock( i saw it on the shelf) and the price was about $8000++ (im malaysian ringgit). i believe they just had it in because i was there last week too and they didnt have it then. chanel tends to be much pricier here in KL. call them up fast if you want it! good luck!
  4. Hong Kong has the black patent bowler as well. The price is HK$21,000 odds
  5. NM at Tysons had the medium patent black bowler, didn't look at the price though...
  6. Chanel Ala Moana definitely has the metallic black Luxe Ligne bowler. Not sure about the size, but I believe it's the medium. It's not the really short, elongated one. Sorry, I don't know much about bowlers.

    If you speak to Judy, tell her Isabel sent you!!! I love her, just got some jewelry and a white jumbo from her.

  7. i was there last week, they still have the black patent (last piece) but is now selling at RM$ 9700 :sweatdrop:
  8. Hey, is Judy the Chinese SA at Ala Moana? She's great!!! She helped me to sort out my credit card!! I MUST engineer a trip to Hawaii so that I can visit the Ala Moana boutique! :heart:
  9. If u are lookin for the classic chain with the leather interwoven, i'm sure it's totally sold out since it's a 2006 season.

    U either have to find her on eBay or consignment shops. In fact, i've been seein a lot of these bowler bags on eBay and it pops up very often. GL in ur search~