Chanel Luxe Bowlers - Classic or Fad?

  1. Chanel Luxe Bowlers - Classic or Fad? What do you think?
  2. Classic
  3. classic!!!
  4. Definitely a classic! My chanel bowler is the only one of my bags that I know I'll never sell or get tired of! I just sold off my Fendi Spy + 3 of my 5 Balenciagas (I also gave one to my mom). I love my Luxe bowler so much! It's just so fabulous!
  5. Classic definitely. IMO, I think pretty much anything Chanel is a classic.
  6. classic
  7. Definitely classic. There's nothing trendy about it - the CCs mean timeless chic, and the simple coolurs, shapes and materials mean it will last longer than trend items.
  8. Classic! I finally snipped the tag off my black luxe bowler today and took her for a walk to CVS.
  9. Classic!!
  10. I think any Chanel is a classic. :flowers:
  11. Chanel is always a classic!
  12. Classic!
  13. I haven't cut off the tags on my black metallic luxe bowler for this very reason. I returned my black/black camdon bowler for the luxe bowler. I have always been a trendy dresser buy now at 50, I want to look more sophisticated and classy (with an edge of trendiness). Also, because I have to make this bag last a while, the pressure is on. Did I make the right choice?
  14. Helen, I remember when you were inquiring about the cambon bowler. I have both the black/black cambon bowler and the black luxe bowler. I think the luxe bowler definitely serves the purpose of sophisticated and classy with an edge of trendiness. I love my cambon (it's lighter and more comfy) but felt really classy today carrying the bowler with my shorts and tank top, and I'm only 4 years younger than you.
  15. Thanks, Roey. You're right that was me. I think becaue I can only get one bag for a while, it's driving me nuts because it has to be the right one. The problem is, everytime some new bag style come out, I want it! It's been a really long time since I've liked so many bags, let alone in one line.
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