Chanel Luxe Bowler: Staying power?

  1. Hi, I know how much members here love the luxe line and I am wondering what are your opinions on the staying power of this bag? I tend to go for classics like Tods which are kind of 'timeless' in their design. Do you think the luxe bowler in black is a trend or a timeless piece?

    Also, i would appreciate if any owners out there can comment on the durability of the bag, esp the hardware. I intend to use it for work, do you think it is too flashy for a conservative work environment?


    (Pict from eBay as reference)
  2. I think it's got staying power personally.
    There's only a few designs and they'll all Classic designs; tote, bowler and flap, etc. . .
    I think some colors have more longevity than other though.
    For a conservative work environment? It leans to the edgy side IMO. Depends on how conservative you mean.