Chanel Luxe Bowler or Classic Jumbo? Help!!!!

  1. Trying to decide between two bags, the classic Jumbo and Luxe Bowler! Just snached one in Metallic Black from Saks, but Jumbo is what i have been eyeing for a long time. However, Jumbo is being sold everywhere, but bowler is is sold out .......hmmmmmmmmm

    which one do you guys like better?
  2. Luxe bowler.
  3. i think a classic piece is always a good buy, but you should get the one you like more as you're the one going to use it. even better, if you can get both ;)
  4. getting both is a good idea. I just hope that i dont fall "out of love' with the bowler, since it's not a classic piece but more chic and trendy.
    i can always get Jumbo later, seems like they are freely available everywhere
  5. Keep the one that you know you are going to use the most. Don't think about trends, are you going to use that 2k bowler a lot? If so, then I say keep it. That classic jumbo will be around just like you said. However, if you are going to get more use out of the jumbo, return the bowler. But I don't think you should have a problem with the bowler.
  6. I agree with buying what you'll get the most use out of. I had a bowler in black and red and returned them because I knew I wasn't going to get my money's worth out of them. I'm more of a Chanel "classic" girl, myself.
  7. Both are delicious bags I'd go for the bowler.
  8. Ooh that's a toughie - but I'd go with the bowler
  9. I bought the Lux Bowler in metallic black and a few weeks later bought a large Reissue (2006 version). I have yet to use the Reissue, partly because I'm not as in love with it as the bowler and partly so I keep myself from buying a new bag for fall (it's waiting in the wings for fall) :P

    This is my take--the Bowler style comes in and out of fashion often enough that you're not going to look dated with the bag a few years from now. The Jumbo is a classic, but sometimes just because something is a "classic" doesn't mean it your style, KWIM?

    I'm in my early 30's and I think the Bowler is just the right combo of funk and class for me. The Reissue is a little more reserved which will be good as I get older. But I could have probably held off and gotten a Jumbo a few years from now. Basically, go with what you love, not what's a "classic." And you're not buying something uber-trendy, so I think you can't go wrong even if you go with the Bowler.

  10. that sounds very reasonable! I did not even think of it this way for some reason. i think bowler is more of an everyday bag than Jumbo
  11. Well I think you should keep your bowler. I know you will get so much use out of it.
  12. Luxe Bowler!!!

    It's SO practical and already becoming a collector's item.
  13. I agree, that the bowler will I think be a collectors item. The gold bowler is so fab, just beautiful. I think you can use it a lot, gold will match almost any color. My 16 year old daughter loves her bowler and says she will also carry it in the winter.
  14. Bowler, hands down. I have both, but you can always get a jumbo flap.
  15. I like the bowler!