Chanel Lux Bowlers

  1. Need help from Chanel experts. Question? Do you think the metallic gold bowler is just for spring/summer or would you carry it fall/ winter ?The new bronze bowler would be super I think for fall/ winter, but what about spring summer? I know these things are personal decisions:yes: , but wanted to know what you guys think.
  2. I am so in love with the bronze! And I would use it every day all year. If you love it use it when ever you want. :O)
  3. Ranskimmie is right. I don't care about seasons. If I love a bag, I use it all the time.
  4. Thanks, I have also read that this color will be on a lux flap. The same as the black flap from the spring/summer. Forgot to ask if this color came on a shopper? Anyone know?The gold metallic shopper from s/s was beautiful.
  5. I think the bronze could be a better metallic for year around. The gold is a little "brighter" so it seems better suited for spring & summer.
  6. I definitely agree a great spring/summer bag.
  7. I think the Bronze is a great color for year round. It will come on the shoppers I believe - the flat, large flat, and the zippered top one (I have the large flat in black metallic and LOVE it)..

    bronze is a great neutral w/ a pop that I think can last year round - that is just my opinion, but I LOVE IT!!
  8. I Chanel's versions of the metallics are all season personally, they're not too 'in your face' blingy.
  9. how much are the lux bags?
  10. ^^^over 2k. Most about 2200 dollars.
  11. My daughter's large metallic gold bowler was exactly $2420.00 , total $2577.30 with tax. At first she wanted the flap in back metallic, Paris sent it then she decided on the bowler. Of course, there were no bowler's in France anywhere. I was lucky enough to locate this one in Palm Beach. The SA was wonderful and it was here to her in Europe within a few days.
  12. My goodness you are lucky with the bowler! Ive been lokking for ages (for any bag, really!) and I must have really bad luck or something coz eveytime i ring or visit a store all my faves are sold out. They never offer to contat me either - do I look strange or something?
  13. I am sure you do not look strange,lol. Call the Chanel 1-800 number and ask for any Chanel that has the bag you like. If not call Brandon, in New York, at 57th streel. He is very helpful and always polite. Good luck in locating your dream bag.