Chanel luncheon coming up!

  1. Next Friday!:yahoo:

    It was fun last year, can't wait to see what this year's is about :biggrin:

    KathyD, you comin'?

    Anyone else been to one recently?
  2. I'm new so have never heard of one before. Is it just for people who work for Chanel, or what?
  3. aw... but it's in Dallas. can't join. :sad:
  4. No, not for employees, it's for the SA's to invite their customers.
    I think Shannon {my SA} had about a dozen of us last year.
  5. Swanky, enjoy yourself. I remember when you went last year (wow, where did the time go). Have a wonderful time.
  6. wish you guys were in my part of town -- have fun!
  7. Michele, I KNOW!:shocked:
    I was thinking that too. . . seems like I JUST went a few months ago!
  8. I wasnt even in love with Chanel back then..and I remember when you went Swanky!! Have pics!
  9. Ohhh! Sounds like fun, where is it going to be held at? And what time?
  10. Oh, have fun!! I wish I could go. Designer luncheons are the best. I went to the Manolo Blahnik one they had at NM recently. They're fun! Enjoy!!
  11. Tara, it's at my fave NM at lunchtime! :biggrin:
  12. OOH! Have fun..Cant wait to hear about it!
  13. Are you allowed to take pictures? :yes:
  14. Hey Swanky. Shannon called me, but I'll be in Galveston next Friday for daughter's drill team competition. :crybaby: I wish that it had been another time. The last one was great. Hopefully she'll have another soon. Please let us know what goodies you'll get to see. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Have fun Swanky!