Chanel luncheon and NM stock update

  1. KathyD and I attended the NM Chanel luncheon today and it was so much fun!
    They served their signature chicken salad, bluberry bread, jello mold {?. . . I don't eat Jello:yucky: }and fruit salad w/ poppy dressing.
    My SA Shannon went over some fun and interesting Chanel history and they showed us some new bags.

    I SO wanted to buy something {especially since there's a Chanel Incircle bonus now} but everything I want isn't in yet :sad:
    They had the Camelia sunglasses in white, I want them in black.

    They had my Luxe Flap in Metallic Black and a Coral Med Bowler.
    They had a TDF black Modern Chain flap as well, I'll post pics. I'd LOVE to have this bag but I need totes right now.
    There's still a ton of Cambons in stock and lots of Shopping Totes in caviar as well.
    Also, they had a large E/W PNY bag that I almost bought - in black. It's just like teh white one I returned but longer, it was FANTASTIC!! I'm actually still considering getting it. It was only $100 more even though it's considerably larger than the one I returned.
    I'll also post a photo of the one I returned for those who don't know which bag it is.

    Kathy! update me on what you bought @ LV!:wlae:
    MC.jpg MC1.jpg DSCF2139.jpg DSCF2147.jpg
  2. Wow I love the black one What is the style called? Thank you Swanky for the pictures sounds like you had a great time.:flowers:
  3. That's the flap from the Modern Chain collection, she only has one!
  4. Thanks, I really love this bag.I went to the trunk show and I ordered the silver reissue and the black patent leather. They didn't have anything that looked like this style.
  5. Thanks for the info!! I so LOVE the MC Flap!!! I liked black, but waiting to see how White looks like.... Did you hear anything about NM getting white anytime soon???
  6. This bag is SO cool! It's edgy and classic at the same time.
    Shannon told me they should be trickling in any day now, she kind of expected to have a few by now, before the luncheon.
  7. So...what did you end up wearing to the luncheon...and what was the litle gift??? Details, please!!
  8. Swanky, how does the size of the MC flap compare to the Luxury Flap? Smaller or about the same?? It also looks like the shoulder drop is a little shorter on the MC flap. It's really cool though!
  9. The chain drop was about the same but the Luxe Flap is bigger. The MC flap is a small bag, but soft and less structured than a Classic. It's a 'going out' bag, you couldn't fill it too full. I carry a big long wallet, phone, travel wipes, keys and lipstick adn I think that would be too much to fit. Maybe a small wallet and the rest would fit{?}

    LOL @ Anne!

    I wore charcoal gaucho trousers w/ black pumps and a sheer black ruffled blouse over a cami and a yummy multichain chain necklace. Oh, and of course my Luxe Flap!:heart:
    Kathy looked really swanky in a greenish silk suit:yes:

    This are is pretty casual, it wasn't stuffy at all!
  10. Okay, the drop may be a teeny shorter, but it fit perfectly on my shoulder and under my arm!
    I'm VERY sensitive about this and it was perfecto!
  11. Swanky, did you see any Black on Black Cambon Tote in Large size?? I want one soooo bad......
  12. YES! I carried it around for a bit! $1425 I think?
  13. OMG!!! I want it so badddd!!!!! Do you think it's about the same size as Mademoiselle ligne tote?
  14. Hmmm, maybe. I prefer it over MM though, the MM vertical lines on a large bag don't do it for me personally. Also, the Cambon will be easier to take care of.
    There were a lot of Cambons:yes:
  15. Thank you!! I def. have to think about it hard:smile::smile: