Chanel Luggage

  1. I am not sure if this is where I am suppose to post this question. Swanky please correct me if it is not. I searched Shopping & Reference and found only one post. It was not informative. Question.....

    Does anyone have any of the luggage pieces? I am looking for a LARGE cosmetic case that I can use for travel. I use all Chanel skin care and cosmetics. I would need something to hold approx. 35-40 items. My search for this case has been a dead end, as Chanel apparently does not make a large case. So I was thinking maybe I could find something in the luggage line that would work. I have no clue about the luggage, don't even know if Chanel still has a luggage line in production. If any of you have any info on this I would greatly appreciate your input.
  2. Oh yeah! The Paris New York Ligne has a beautiful piece that would work, I'll post a photo!
    I saw them in person at the Beverly Hills Chanel boutique, they're pretty impressive:yes
  3. Thanks Amanda!! I'm assuming you are referring too the smaller piece for what I would need. Does it only come in the white? Do you have the price? Where did you get the pic? If you looked inside, was the smaller bag compartmentalized? Thanks so much for your help!
  4. I didn't look inside, thompk had them for a while {she's a member here}.
    I was referring to the one of the far left, it's a case, then there's the beautiful PNY Flap and the trolley.
    They also come in black:heart
    They're pricey though:
    The case is $3850 and referred to as an aged calfskin travel bag style # A32472
    the Flap is $2495
    and the trolley is $4195
  5. Ooops, got the pic from a catalog my SA gave me.
  6. I love them all. The case would be nice yes. I also wonder if the flap would be large enough since it is less expensive. Pics can be deceiving so I need to call the 800# and find out more info. You have a great SA-- mine has sent me a catalog once, but I would love to get them more. Thanks for your help. I will let you know what I find out.
  7. Some girls have the Flap here, it's definitely a handbag. Smooth has/had one, I bet there's some good photos in the Reference LIbrary!
  8. I've seen the flap bag in darkgold, darkwhite and black and they are all beautiful. They are definitely handbags, no compartments. As I recall there is a zippered pocket. I'm sure I have pictures of the inside if you want me to post them.
  9. oooh! oh yeah, dark gold!:heart:
  10. Thanks Monica for the offer to post inside pics. I am sure I will have to figure out a system if I convert this handbag to a cosmetic bag. I am still working on that~~~

    Will post when (if) I figure it out~:confused1:
  11. I just remembered that Chanel made this bag as well. It's called the PNY Shoulder Bag. This could work too. It comes with it's own Chanel cover for traveling. There are still a few of these in black, white and darkgold still floating around Chanel:
    Bronze Bag 001.jpg Bronze Bag 006.jpg Bronze Bag Model.jpg
  12. Here are pictures of the inside of the PNY Flap bag (darkwhite and darkgold):
    White PNY 012.jpg Bronze PNY Flap 003.jpg
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Retail is $2750.

  15. Thanks Monica!!
    Wow you are so resourceful!!! I love the travel cover for the shoulder bag. If Chanel made a bag that size out of the travel cover now that would be perfect!! :smile:
    Thank you so much for the pics, I am still considering all of my options.