Chanel luggage....

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  1. I heard that sometime last year Chanel released luggage. Has anyone ever seen these peices (carry-ons, suit cases, ect.) before in stores, or know where I can get a peice or two from???

  2. There are a couple of pieces in NM here. Do you want me to PM you my SA's info? He's a doll!
  3. Yes, it was part of the PNY collection. There are pictures in the reference library under PNY (Paris New York).
  4. Mon is right, here are some pics:

    Attached Files:

  5. Oh My!!!

    Super Hot!!!
  6. i love them ! they look so elegant and chic!
  7. Awww! I love the shoes!! Hehe!
  8. I can't afford all chanel stuff so tell me why do i love every single piece from chanel???? Luggage are great. It changes from LV
  9. The white luggage is gorgeous... but only if you travel exclusively by private jet! Imagine checking in those pieces...
  10. it also came in a bronze color and black:yes:
  11. I can't imagine ever getting white Chanel luggage! Scary! It would look so great in bronze though.
  12. wow - bronze would be stunning.
  13. The Nordstrom Topanga Chanel boutique had a few pieces of gorgeous rolling carry-on's in washed leather with emerald green interior. I'll check to see if they have any more and PM you back =)
  14. OMG!!!so adorable!i want to buy it.
  15. I wouldn't be able to take those on a plane with me! I'd be too worried about them.