Chanel luggage line

  1. copy form Hong Kong apple daily news. :graucho:
  2. I love it!! It looks so much a like the Reissue (referring to the classic ones). Anyone know the difference?
  3. I think I saw that at the trunk show yesterday at's distressed like the reissue, but it's like distressed patent leather. It's a really interesting texture.
  4. Anyone knows the price for the front white bag??
  5. Too CUTE :heart:
  6. wow.. the white above looks like the reissue. i love them!
  7. Love 'em! If the duffle comes in black I'm in!
  8. here's one of the bag look like

    chanel CCC.JPG
  9. Oh my god, I love that bag!! Do you know what it's called??
  10. ohhHH! Chanel really knows how to make beautiful bags.

    Although, white luggages :cry: will get dirty in 8 seconds flat.
  11. I was over at Chanel this weekend, and my SA was showing me picks of all the upcoming lines, and these looked gorgeous!! However, I would be WAY to worried to actually travel with these!
  12. I love this. After I get my own jet, I will get these.
  13. Arrp! I got hold of the new Chanel catalogue and saw them in there. Love them, except that the metal logo with "P. &NY." on it makes it look a little cheap. I'd rather they don't have that. Otherwise the collection is really cool!
  14. I just called my SA and she told me that the smallest piece of the collection is like 3,000 Euros!!!:amazed:

    I was planning to get one but I don't thing so now :cry:
  15. Wait, so how much is that in dollars? Is the bag pictured above in the white that much?