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  1. Hi all, I'm a newbie so I thought I'd post some of my collection here. I have to take some more pics as some of these are old but here's what I've got on my computer now...
    chanelbags.jpg chanelbowler.jpg chanelmufflerearmuffs.jpg chanels.jpg diors.jpg fendis.jpg guccis.jpg nudepatent.jpg 20060806_0001.JPG
  2. Lovely collection!!!

    I strongly recommend you watermarking your photos though!:yes:
  3. what a gorgeous collection! I'm jealous :yes: LOVE the ear muffs... what year are they?
  4. I love your ear muffs. I want some now.
  5. wow i love your chanels!
  6. I love the classic flaps.
  7. :o Super awesome collection... :biggrin:
  8. Thanks everyone! And thank you Swanky Mama for the heads up!

    As for the earmuffs, they were a Christmas present from my husband and I can't recall exactly what year he purchased them but I'm guessing around 2000. I've only worn them a few times but I do love them! I think I'm gonna break them out for winter this year. I tend to forget about them because I keep them boxed... those babies need to come out for some fresh air! ;)
  9. beautiful collection!
  10. beautiful collection! thanks for sharing!
  11. :heart: the Chanels. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the pf:yahoo:
  13. i LOVE your classic flaps... i want all 3!!!!!
  14. Love them all !!! The 2.55 is just stunning !
  15. I LOVE all your Chanels!!! So beautiful!!!!
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