chanel lovers.......see what i got!

  1. i am so happy i got this goooorgeous bag its a jumbo red classic.....oops sorry guuuurls i am new here and can't seem to attach my photo ......anyway will be right back!
  2. picssss picsss... hehe lvoe pics
  3. congrats.
  4. okay here it is
    my latest jumbo classic.jpg
  5. IT's Gorgeous!!!!!!
  6. Jumbo red!! Yummy! Congrats! Where'd you get this beauty if you don't mind my asking?
  7. Oooh a red is gorgeous, Congrats!:heart:
  8. Love the red, and in a jumbo? What a great bag :tup:
  9. congrats! i love it! perfect color and perfect size!
  10. it's so beautiful!congrats!:nuts::drool::yes:
  11. congrats!!!......modeling pics plz^^:smile:
  12. i bought it in singapore
  13. thanks i got another black one as well....arriving at my door in a few hours time.and now i am abit broke as well!:girlsigh:
  14. ^ you got it from the boutique in Singapore or from an ebayer? eeps you're one lucky duck! lol almost everyone here is on the hunt for that red jumbo! ;)
  15. yep i am lucky indeed hee hee