Chanel Lovers In England

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I wanted to know if any of you happen to know when and if Chanel ever has sale on its handbags and wallets in London or the big department stores....

    Any info. would be appreciated :yes:

  2. The Chanel sales in London are normally twice a year: July and January. Chanel do put some of their handbags and wallets on sale but its all very hit or miss. A particular bag or wallet you are eyeing may not necessarily get discounted.

    Hope this helps...
  3. yup, it helped alot thank u :smile:
  4. harrods usually puts a collection in sale...bigger than the one in the boutique..
  5. Thanks solitair :smile:
  6. Thanks for info
  7. Harrods sale starts 2nd July. I find the boutiques tend to have more of a sale on Ready to wear collections
  8. I was told Chanel at Heathrow never have sale.
  9. Chanel sale in Selfridges is rubbish they usually have leftover shoes from past seasons that they could never shift at only 30% off, last year they NEVER even had any bags or wallets in their sale!
  10. Syma, do you know much of a discount Harrods do?
  11. Just got an invitation through the post - Chanel sale will be 28th June - 14 July but they only mention RTW.
  12. I have just been into Selfridges in my lunch and they had some items in the sale. There were a few bags, but mostly patterned flaps. Some clothes and shoes were in the sale, but most looked like past season stuff that they had bought out.

    They have all their pre-fall collection in now too.
  13. Judging by the boutiques and Selfridges, they go to 30% off.
  14. They had some bags in Selfridges, patterned flaps, sports range and canvas bags. I saw a cute small denim flap. There were more leather bags in their shoe dept. I bought 2 pairs of shoes. Some gorgeous black slingback heels with CC on the toe and chain detail and dark brown cambon ballet flats with dark brown patent CC's. They did have some nice sandals on sale but mostly in the brighter colours, Quite a few wedges and ballet pumps in the smaller sizes. Shoes were 30% off.