Chanel Lovers, how many of you also own a Birkin?


Hermes Here I Come
Mar 16, 2008
Ladies, we all have the desire of owning as many Chanel bags as possible (for me at least! lol!). Has any of you moved on to owning a Hermes Bikin? I was tempted to BIN on a Birkin on Ebay but I ended up telling myself that the price could add another 5-6 Chanels to my collection and I hesitated! I know they are different but this is a random thought.... I will never (never say never!) switch sides but I was just wondering for those of you out there who loves Chanel has a desire for Birkin too? Or its Chanel and Chanel alone?


May 11, 2006
I bought a Birkin a while back and I have to warn you, you will probably buy more H bags if you do buy one lol. With Chanel's hefty price increases, a lot of people are starting to look at H bags. Plus Hermes bags are so classic, just like Chanel. I bought a 35 cm Bleu jean Birkin and I love it. I still love my Chanel bags, but I have started buying Birking bags and several Kelly bags came following. lol


Dec 28, 2006
I don't want to start a board war here but aside from being two of the (much) higher priced designers, I don't really understand what they have in common. To me, the asthetic of Chanel are Hermes are vastly different (minus the Cerf from Chanel.) I likely won't own a Birkin just because it really isn't my style. I think it is beautiful and gorgeous but I don't see it as "me" right now... maybe in a few years but not now. I don't know. I don't feel as though you can really compare the two other than that they both have high prices (Hermes more so.) It just seems like in general, the look of them is going to appeal to different people. They both have such a distinct look.


May 1, 2007
I guess that a lot of us just like high quality designer bags. For me, I was into LV first and tried a few Gucci next. Then, I skipped Chanel and plunged headlong into Hermes. I bought two Kellys,a Birkin, an Evelyn, a Trim,a Bolide,3 Picotins and one called a Malesherbes. Well, been there,done that and then discovered Chanel.

To me, they are as different as day and night. The Birkin,in particular, is the one I like the least. It is miracle of exquisite craftsmanship and breathtaking to look at but I HATED using it. I think it looks really good when it is fastened properly and sloppy when it isn't but it is a HUGE pain to get in and out of. And I found it extremely heavy when I put my things in it. Lovely to look at but hard to use, for me.

Chanel is much more girly and easy to use,in my opinion. Hermes is tough,equestrian and eternal,in my opinion. Chanel is chic,decorative and feminine,by comparison. Anyone agree???:whistle::wtf:;)


Jan 12, 2006
Larkie, you don't have to switch over, enjoy both! :tup:

I'll never own a Birkin or Kelly as I don't care for either of them.

People loosely compare them because they're both VERY classic and very pricey. . . a lot of people start low and over time start to spend more and more. . . it's a natural path it seems for a lot of people.
Jul 9, 2006
yes, I own both...Hermes is somewhat 'addictive''s the craftmanship of each piece I purchase. That's not to say that Chanel isn't great too...they're just different imo...
Whenever I carry my Kelly bag...I feel like Grace Kelly...not anything like a granny...same goes for my Birkin!